2022's first quarterly update on Tech for Democracy is out now!

In 2022, President Biden launched a Year of Action for democracy, which Denmark contributes to through its own Year of Action on Tech for Democracy. But was has happened since the Tech for Democracy conference on 18 November 2021, where the Year of Action was launched? In April, we sent our the first quarterly update on the different activities that takes places in the Tech for Democracy space. Keep reading to learn more, and sign up to receive the next update in June.

Four times during the Year and Action, we will publish quarterly updates on all the different activities, partnerships, events and efforts that is being put in place with the aim to make tech work for democracy and human rights. The first update on the Year of Action is out now, and you read it by clicking the link below. You can also sign up to receive the next update directly in your mailbox.

Dive into what is happening in the Tech for Democracy space, and get inspired to take action yourself!