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What did we learn from Tech for Democracy 2021?

Learn more about the five main take-aways from the Tech for Democracy conference on 18 November 2021. What were the main trends, challenges and opportunities discussed during the sessions? What is the way forward, and what must we prioritize in our efforts to make technology for democracy and human rights?

To ensure that key stakeholders continue to reflect on the recommendations, discuss and seek solutions to the challenges identified at the conference throughout 2022, five videos reflecting the following five key take-aways from the conference have been developed by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Dive into the short videos below!

1. If we do not address the digital divide, we will reinforce already existing inequalities, exacerbate barriers to gender equality and shrink rather than expand civic space

2,9 billion people are still offline today. Here are three reasons why we must take action to bridge the #DigitalDivide.

2. There is a need for increased multi-stakeholder cooperation

Digital technologies can pose severe threats to democratic practice and #HumanRights.
How can we work together to promote change.

3. We need to define a shared democratic vision for technology

Digital technologies can pose severe threats to democratic practice and #HumanRights. These threats are particularly affecting the most vulnerable and those at risk of being left behind.

4. Voices from all sectors and settings, including marginalized communities, must be included in the discussions and solutions

How can we create an inclusive digital transformation?

5. The principles of transparency and accountability must be woven into algorithms, products, companies, processes, and policies to ensure that tech products are designed in a human-centered way

How can we work together to promote change? Here are three recommendations!