Full Tech for Democracy Podcast Series Out Now

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We are proud to present the full Tech for Democracy podcast series on women, politics, and social media in Kenya hosted by Maia Kahlke Lorentzen, who is a researcher, trainer and activist in the field of technology and gender equality. Maia has invited participants from the Tech for Democracy event held in Nairobi by the Danish Embassy in May 2022 to share their perspectives in this podcast series. Together, they dive into the challenges that women in Kenyan politics can encounter on social media platforms, which also remains a global challenge.

The first episode focuses on the challenges facing women in Kenyan politics on social media platforms, where participants help identify the issues of harassment and gendered disinformation which disproportionally impacts women and discourage their participation in social and political life. The second episode takes a closer look at the solutions and what can actually be done address harassment of women online.

We would like to thank the participants for contributing to this important discussion identifying both the crucial challenges as well as next steps and solutions that can protect and empower women in the digital age.

NB: Listen directly to the podcast episode 1 here, if the video below does not appear.

NB: Listen directly to the podcast episode 2 here, if the video below does not appear.

Podcast Episode One

Podcast Episode Two