Report on Tech for Democracy: Lessons learned from the Year of Action

With Tech for Democracy, Denmark facilitated more than 200 signatures of  the Copenhagen Pledge on Tech for Democracy, more than 10 multistakeholder Action Coalitions and launched the Digital Democracy Initiative during the Year of Action.

As the Year of Action drew to a close with the second Summit for Democracy in March, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned DIIS to provide an analysis laying out lessons learned and recommendations for future pathways.

In the report, you can read more about the lessons learned such as the pros and cons of working from a value-based foundation, the importance of facilitating critical engagement with the tech sector and amplifying the right voices and the significance of strategic planning in executing a multistakeholder initiative.

The recommendations for future pathways for the Tech for Democracy agenda include continued critical engagement with the tech sector, amplifying the right voices and sustaining collaboration to enable impact.

Read more in the full report here or in the summary of the report here.