Experiences from the Global South: Highlights from the UN’s Development Programme’s Tech for Democracy project

As a partner on Tech for Democracy, UNDP worked to ensure that the voices, experiences, ideas, and solutions from the Global South, with an emphasis on young people and Leave No One Behind principles are brought into the initiative. Here are key highlights from UNDP’s work.

Harnessing digital tools to foster democratic governance in Kenya, Peru, Tunisia, and Pakistan

Together with partners, UNDP explored ways of harnessing digital technologies for more people-centered, participatory and inclusive governance systems in Peru, Pakistan, Kenya and Tunisia.

For example, in Peru, UNDP and partners revamped the digital infrastructure of the citizen engagement platform Redpública. The platform has reached 480,000 people and facilitated the creation of a portfolio of 50 innovative solutions, crowdsourced by more than 1,500 changemakers, including youth, across the country. The project further resulted in the launch of “GovTech Generation”, Peru’s first Digital Public Goods-focused incubator. See also UNDP story.

Promoting information integrity in elections through global multi-stakeholder engagement

The UNDP-led Action Coalition convened strategic expertise from organizations working across the electoral cycle to address the urgent problem of information integrity. This resulted in a report that offers reflections on existing and emerging challenges, analysis of current programmatic approaches, programming considerations and recommendations for a range of stakeholders working on electoral assistance.

Strenghtening the evidence base of the impact of digital technology on inclusive governance in the Global South

Findings from research and consultations with a broad range of stakeholders have contributed to strengthening the evidence-base of the impact of digital technology on inclusive governance and inform future action.

A consultation, led by and targeting youth, identified tangible solutions on how digital technologies can support democratic practice. Read the report here.

By working with Southern Voice, a network of 66 Think Tanks from Africa, Latin America & Caribbean, and Asia, the following reports provide insights into the impact of technology on citizen participation in the Global South:

The role of digitalisation in inclusive governance: A case study of sub-Saharan Africa

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