Action Coalition on Trustworthy Information Online


Sofus Goldschmidt, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

About the Action Coalition

The Action Coalition intends to identify solutions that support trustworthy information online using responsible technological solutions to create a healthy digital information sphere that strengthens the democratic debate and allows for the free exchange and expression of opinions. With this Action Coalition we forge a new partnership to deliver solutions to make digital technology support democracy and human rights – and rediscover the techno-optimism of the internet’s early days. The Action Coalition brings representatives from states, the tech industry and civil society together to share best practices and deliver concrete solutions that drive forward a thriving digital sphere based on trustworthy information.

Output during Year of Action

1) Identify political, regulatory, and technical approaches to enabling and protecting the rights of all people everywhere to create, collect, share, and access trustworthy information.

2) Develop capacities for effective information governance, including globally-relevant systems, tools and capabilities to identify, detect and address false and misleading information.

3) Actively support open knowledge projects fostering free flow of information and exchange of ideas.

4) Contribute to the development of constructive policy and legal environments, and increase coordination between governments, private sector and civil society stakeholders.

5) Commit to actively advance activities within partners’ own organizations for the advancement of trustworthy information online, and also collaborate with other partners to help advance the objective of the action coalition


The Acton Coalition works on a set of recommendations for governments and policymakers for a trustworthy online information ecosystem that advances human rights and strengthens free and open societies.

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
  • Salesforce
  • Witness
  • Global Voices
  • Wikimedia Foundation