The Will for the Web

Engaging global grassroots civil society in the future of the Web


Chris Worman, Connect Humanity

About the Action Coalition

Grassroots civil society and those they serve witness the disparate impacts on digitalization. They can help us contextualize challenges and opportunities, engage in ensuring relevant policies, and understand the impact of decisions made. Yet they can be hard to reach, often not well versed in the rhetoric of digitalization, and often left out of pertinent conversations. In order to ensure program and policy decisions related to a topic as complex as digitalization are addressing actual needs and delivering intended impact, we must improve our capacity to engage with frontline organizations.

Output during Year of Action

Global baselining survey helping map persistent gaps inhibiting digital equity feeding a global dialog about the civil society’s hopes for a digital era leading to a large, engaged, community of grassroots organizations providing regular feedback and guidance to those who would work with them toward common interests.

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