Content Moderation for Women Human Rights Defenders


Karina Pultz, Danish Church Aid

About the Action Coalition

The Action Coalition on Content Moderation for WHRDs will explore the challenges of WHRDs and tech companies as well as legislators and come up with recommendations for improved moderation and legislation in cooperation between the three actors that are seldomly engaged directly in dialogue to enhance common challenges for human rights and democracy. The purpose of the Action Coalition is also to investigate new novel approaches and partnerships to content moderation and WHRDs including local context specific solutions. The Coalition will draw upon lessons learnt from different types of content moderation across different types of platforms but focus solely on the moderation arena for WHRDs.

Output during Year of Action

Common recommendations from Action Coalition, Advocacy Campaign and presentation and debates at public events.

Longterm Outcomes: Enhanced protection of WHRDs online and enhanced online participation of WHRDs

  • Danish Church Aid
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark