Action Coalition on Meaningful Transparency


Tom Barraclough, Brainbox Institute/Global Network Initiative (GNI)

About the Action Coalition

As the use of digital platforms and services expands across the globe, so too does the need to better understand how they operate and how companies and governments collect and use the data that they generate. While no single actor or stakeholder group can solve the challenges of the digital age alone, barriers to transparency and information sharing continue to prevent deeper understanding of and collaborative approaches to address these challenges.

The action coalition seeks to circumvent these barriers by identifying existing work and opportunities, socializing shared understandings and language; developing a repository of shared resources, identifying and sharing lessons learned, facilitating dialogue and trust building, and fostering collaboration.

The action coalition brings together a wide range of academics, civil society organizations, companies, governments, and international organizations to work collaboratively on digital transparency, including by:

1) Clarifying relevant definitions and terminology

2) Mapping existing and identify missing efforts

3) Sharing lessons learned

4) Identifying opportunities for alignment and coordination

5) Producing recommendations for companies, donors, researchers, and governments

The work is be carried out via public and private events and workshops, one-on-one consultations, and ongoing research and dialogue, driven by the project lead. We will communicate updates publicly on the work of the ACT on a regular basis.


Alongside developing a digital map of the transparency policy landscape, the AC has engaged in several external events and consultations, including World Press Freedom Day, DG Connect briefing session, Learning sessions at 360/OS and RightsCon.

The AC has assembled and coordinated a diverse expert Advisory Group to support the work of the AC. Moreover, AC has developed a web-based portal mapping key initiatives and information from a global perspective as well as sharing briefing document with DG Connect on key issues and personnel relevant to the DSA. With support from Omidyar, work has intensified since August 2022 and the AC is moving from its establishment phase and into period of execution and outreach.

Next steps

  • Activating the wider coalition beyond Steering Committee and advisory group.
  • Continuing outreach to civil society, companies and lawmakers.
  • Release transparency mapping portal RFP and begin work on minimum viable product.
  • Prepare additional taxonomies and discussion materials.
  • Center for Democracy & Technology
  • Center for Technology and Society at Fundação Getulio Vargas Centre for Communications Governance
  • Centre for Communications Governance at the National Law University Delhi
  • Digital Forensic Research Lab at the Atlantic Council
  • Global Network Initiative
  • Internet Lab
  • Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD)
  • Partnership on Countering Influence Operations at the Carnegie Institute for International Peace
Past events
03 May10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Bridging Barriers to Transparency around Company and Government Data Practices

Join the Discussion with the Action Coalition on Meaningful Transparency supported by GNI and the Brainbox Institute.

Earlier this year (2022), a group of civil society actors representing a range of expertise, perspectives, and experiences came together to form the Action Coalition on Meaningful Transparency (ACT). ACT aims to bring together a wide range of academics, civil society organizations, companies, governments, and international organizations to: (i) clarify relevant definitions and terminology; (ii) map existing and identify missing efforts; (iii) share lessons learned; (iv) identify opportunities for alignment and coordination; and (v) produce recommendations for companies, donors, researchers, and governments.

This panel will present on the ACT’s work to-date and gather audience input and feedback to continue to shape its work going forward.

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